“Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.” - koran 9:5

Four reasons I don't like president bush:
1. He LOVES Big Government (and outspends the other liberal president from Texas, LBJ)
2. He is so stupid that he doesn't know what the word VETO means.
3. He calls FUTILE ''nation-building'' efforts defending America.
4. He calls those who actually defend America from mexico's colonization of it ''vigilantes'':
Doomsday Comes For Zirkle Fruit
[Peter Brimelow] @ 11:05 am

VDARE.COM has written repeatedly about Chicago-based lawyer Howard Foster’s remarkable discovery that the 1996 immigration legislation made it possible for private individuals to sue to enforce the law against employers hiring illegal immigrants and his use of the devastating Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations [RICO] statute to do so - something we’ve described as the “RICO Doomsday Machine.”.

Doomsday for Yakima, WA-based Zirkle Fruit is January 9, when Foster’s suit alleging that executives conspired to hire illegal labor is set for trial. If Foster prevails, the ferocious contingent fee-inspired energies of the plaintiff bar will swing into action against the employers of illegal aliens. This is the force, remember, that bankrupted Texaco and several asbestos companies. It won’t be pretty, but it will be effective.

Amazingly, Leah Beth Ward’s very professional December 27 Yakima Herald-Republic story “Racketeering claims Cast“ appears to be the only MSM story so far. Our only quibble is that she says VDARE.COM is a project of our former sponsors, the Center for American Unity, instead of Lexington Research Insititute (soon to be renamed VDARE Foundation).

Watch this space! (And the Yakima Herald-Republic )...

: Illegal Alien Employer Capitulates - Most Important Victory Since Proposition 187
[Peter Brimelow] @ 6:13 pm

I said yesterday to watch this space and the Yakima Herald-Republic for news of the Zirkle Fruit illegal immigration class action. And today Leah Beth Ward has proved me right. In “Zirkle settles job suit ” (December 30 2005), she breaks the news that Zirkle has capitulated on the eve of trial, paying $1.3 million that will be distributed to 20,000 legally-resident workers (actually court documents suggest it will be 5,000 at the most)…and, vitally, to their lawyers.

This is the most important victory for immigration reform since California’s Proposition 187 in 1994. Zirkle’s legal workers will get about an additional dollar for every hour they worked, compensation for the wage depression caused by competition from illegal aliens. The plaintiff lawyers, notably the heroic Chicago-based Howard Foster, who has made a number of appearances in VDARE .com, will get a third or more of the total award in contingent fees and expenses.

The result: blood in the water that will attract the attention of America’s shark-like plaintiff bar to the employers of illegal aliens. The Zirkle case is small, but the precedent it sets is huge. And Ed Rubenstein has shown that, while illegal aliens are not the pillar of the economy that is sometimes claimed, they may receive as much as one percent of GDP in wages - over $100 billion. If that came out of American workers’ pockets, putting it back could earn trial lawyers over $30 billion in contingent fees and expenses.

Ironically, I won one of my very few MSM journalism prizes, along with my co-author Leslie Spencer, for a 1989 expose in Forbes magazine of the trial lawyers’ formidable power. (They are what really created Ralph Nader, for example).

I am delighted to see this bunch of thugs and bandits descend on the corporate crooks who employ illegals aliens at the expense of Americans. I think they deserve each other.

As Winston Churchill said at the height of World War II, “If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favorable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.”

This is NOT an ''abuse'' of the legal system!
When you have a president that WON'T actually defend America from THE ILLEGAL invasion and colonization by another country and openly conspires with the leader of another country to give ''Amnesty'' for MILLIONS who broke the law. On Friday, Sept. the 7th of 2001, bush, after a week of meetings with mexican president vincente fox, was seeking ANOTHER ''amnesty for illeagals'' along the lines of what Reagan did in 1986 (NOT one of his better moments, IMHO). Four days later that grand LIBERAL scheme 'got swept under the rug' due to the SAUDI ARABIAN (NOT iraqi) attacks upon us.
Fast-forward to today, bush has renamed ''amnesty'' to ''a 'guest worker' program''.
Billy Shakespeare said ''A rose by any other name''...
My own opinion, FL Govenor Bush will not seek The White House and I doubt he will ever. And even if he did I would likely not support him. And that is from someone who voted for him for Gov. TWICE!!!
I don't think he has the GUTS to be an effective CinC. By the time hurricane 'frances' was hitting FL, JEB (not a nickname, his initials) sounded downright 'rattled', like a beaten man.
Not the needed GUTS to fight the war on islam.
JEB will likely not even PRETEND to fight islam and will merely suck up to it like his brother does BUT WORSE!
Where do I get such opinions? Glad you asked;
You can't win this war with ''nation-building'' you have to win this war with ENEMY DEFEATING!!!
I came to this opinion Dec. 7th, when it dawned on me THAT LIBERAL DEMOCRATS did not fight WWII correctly!!!
Ignore Germany (iran, you know, those NUKES they are developing), wash the feet of empiror tojo with the tounge of the US president (like bush does with THE KING of saudi arabia, where 15 of the 911 attackers came from) and ''nation-build'' Korea (iraq, where ZERO of the 911 attackers came from) in the HOPE ''it will spread democracy throught the region''.
The Empiror has no clothing!!!
Look! He is NAKED!!!
The first one is by Michelle Malkin, ''The NYT vs. America''. An excerpt:
Popular warblogger Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs and Pajamas Media coined the useful term to describe stubborn blame-America ideologues hopelessly stuck in a pre-September 11 mindset.
Then she goes on to bash the NYT for ITS dissembling on the Iraq war. Right after she herself is 'shading the truth'!
In the sentence above the first thing you may notice is she does not acknowldge that she herself is part of Pajamas Media! Straight off her blog:
It's considerd normal that if you plug something you are a part of to disclose that fact.
But wait! There's more! She also fails to mention the Mr . Johnson is not merely part of but one of the head honchos of PJM!
I was about to use Tammy Bruce as an example, but considering the fact the her talk radio show is not on the air here, and the fact that she fails to even put the .gif shown above on her blog, I think not. I can only hope that if (or when) she mentions PJM on either her radio show or blog she will also aknowledge her involvment in it.
The other column that got my attention was by Kathleen Parker. A columnist I usually enjoy reading in The Orlando Sentinel, decided to smear bloggers in her latest column. John Hawkins, author of the blog Right Wing News (according to Michelle Malkin, all I needed to do was just toss out his name and not bother to tell you that I just did a plug for it) took her to task for it.
At first, I was going to reply to his blog post but then I realized that this needed to be in a post to my own blog:
This was not one of her best by far.
But I suspect what is happening here is another example of 'dead tree media' trying to CYA vs. bloggers. She has done several columns pining for 'the good 'ol days' in the newspaper biz.
When someone makes their living making buggy whips they will either change with the times or grouse about 'the good 'ol days' before that new-fangled automobile came along.
UPDATE: Oh, she's taking the heat now;
Malkin, LeShawn Barber, Thoughts of a Regular Guy, Spacecoastweb and Mark in Mexico (among others).
Most papers are little more than a printed 'container' for syndicated content (such as AP news wire copy, comics, and columns such as hers). She sees blogs as just another 'paper killer' that will shrink the potential market for her product. Ironically, her column is easily available without ever touching a dead tree.
And that's what scares her, the idea that fewer and fewer papers will exsist to carry her column and a handful of online news sites (such as Townhall) won't generate the income nessessary to maintain her living...
someone would knit a model of the ''the digestive system'' is as baffling to me as it is to you.
But after looking at the site, I am even more baffled!
These folks flunk 'Human Anatomy 101'. As you scroll down through the pics, I'll explain how they blew it:
In this pic (http://www.strangebuttrewe.com/appendixweb.gif) what they point to as the ''Colon'' is the Large Intestine and what they call the ''Rectum'' is actually the Colon!
In this pic (http://www.strangebuttrewe.com/gallbladderweb.gif) they get the identities right but the function wrong. The Liver is not a digestive organ. It is literally 'the blood filter'. When you drink a beer, it's job is to remove the alcohol from the bloodstream, break it down and metabolize it. The Pancreas produces insulin. And if it doesn't, that's diabetes. Insulin is needed so all of the cells in the body can use the glucose in the blood as ''food''.
And last, but not least, this pic (http://www.strangebuttrewe.com/tongueweb.gif) is where it all really gets messed up. The Tounge is not a ''digestive organ'' either! That makes as much sense as calling the Nose ''a digestive organ''! The Teeth and Salivary Glands actually begin the digestive process (grind and liquefy). The Tounge is primarily a sensory organ (as in one of the five senses). Why this bugs me is that these folks are either trying to be in medicine (or MUCH WORSE actually ARE) or are government school teachers who are teaching kids wrong info...
Dan W
Higher ed can be highly expensive. So this enterprising guy found a clever way to raise funds.
He created a website that is all ads! Where anyone can buy one (or many) 10x10 pixel square blocks for $100 US. The size of each square is fairly small (about the size of a lowercase 'o' in an email, the gray squares are currently unsold space) but includes a text box that appears to provide a brief description of the sponsor and to show where you will end up if you click the ad.
An example of what you get can be seen from the (one of the easier to see) ''RentClicks'' ad. It's a 3x13 grid of squares ($3900). Wanna see it? http://milliondollarhomepage.com/
The guy got his million and a cool-looking mosaic of ads...

UPDATE: I was a bit off on the million. Turns out he ain't quite there yet ($904k and counting)...
AmericanFreedoms: The Blog is now open!!!
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! (that's OK here)
Found this on Snopes, enjoyed it, and I think you will too.
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