“Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.” - koran 9:5

Gotta give credit where credit is due:http://www.ironictimes.com/...
I extend my thanks to Vox Day for ''blogrolling'' this.
He lists this as ''Your Image Here''. To be honest, that is not this blog's 'title'.
It's 'title' is in it's URL; http://americanfreedoms.blogspot.com/
The ''Your Image Here'' pic is merely ''a placeholder'' pic until I decide to change it.
It came with the Blogger ''template'' that I adopted as the format to display my blog.
It was intended to be temporary.
Now I'm in a quandry, do I replace the pic at will (I ''set it up'' to make it quite easy to do so) or out of respect for Vox Day forever leave it ''as is''?
UPDATE: The answer has become quite simple really. As noted, the OFFICIAL name of this blog has become ''Your Image Here'' and the ''header'' pic WILL change as I see fit...
Here is the situation we must deal with:
Allow the Kurds to withdraw to a secure and defensible border.

If the shi'ite-sunni conflict (a 1300-year old islamic ''civil war'') continues to escalate we are left with few options:

1. ''Try to referee''; The likely LIBERAL position (A.K.A. the hawkins/bush/carter) idea.
This IDIOCY that Our Amred Forces are ''super social workers'' IS LIBERALISM!!!
Their purpose ''is to kill people and break things'' NOT to be ''an international Meals-on-Wheels''.
Note that I DO NOT find fault with our troops for perfoming their duities QUITE ADMIRABLY, I find fault with the LIBERAL politicians THAT ORDER THEM to be ''super social workers''.
IF we try ''to referee'' A CENTURIES-OLD ''civil war'' all that will be accomplished is MUCH more NEEDLESS loss of life and limb of our fellow Americans.
2. ''Pick a side''; LITERALLY choose to stand with the shi'ites AGAINST the sunnis, or vice-versa. One side has to win, one side has to lose.
Not unlike a playoff game, it CANNOT ''end tied''.
3. Withdraw. That's correct, EXIT. Just stand back and ''allow this fire to burn itself out''.
That is the LEAST likely scenario; The admission that ''WE CAN'T FIX THIS'' leaves a bitter taste in one's mouth. It's called REALTIY, we have to deal with it.
Like telling a child; ''NO, Grandma CAN'T visit us. She CAN'T come down from Heaven to be here''.
I know IT REALLY SUCKS to say ''We CAN'T get a Human Being on the planet Mars'' or ''Building the causeway to Hawaii may NEVER happen'', but it's called being AN ADULT.
As I write this, there is Mardi Gras in New Orleans but the memories of 'katrina' refuse to fade. If you ride through my hometown YOU WILL STILL SEE 'a blue tarp on the roof' here and there 18 MONTHS after hurricane 'Charlie' hit.
Nothing wrong with ''reaching for the stars'', as long as your feet are on the ground...

Here's what my research shows:

Background on UAE and islam:

-- 1991. On the eve of the 1991 Gulf War, sheikh zayed bin sultan, the father of the current UAE president, branded the United States “our number two enemy” after Israel.
-- 1997. UAE is one of few countries recognizing the islamic taliban as legitimate government of Afghanistan.
-- 1998. Al-Qaida money in UAE dubai banks linked to the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania blamed on osama bin laden.
-- 1999. UAE royal family meets with osama bin laden - after bin laden's 1996 and 1998 declarations of war on the United States. UAE rulers maintained close ties to osama bin laden before September 11. U.S. intelligence detected an official UAE government airplane in Afghanistan to meet with osama bin laden on at least one occasion.
-- 1999-2003. Sheikh Zayed's Zayed Center for International Coordination and Followup, founded in 1999 as the official Arab League think-tank, was shuttered under international pressure in 2003; it provided a platform for anti-Western, anti-Christian and anti-Jewish extremists like saudi economist ''dr.'' yussuf abdallah al zamel, who blamed the war in Iraq on "radical Zionist and right-wing Christian" influence.
-- 2001. UAE served as a financial base of September 11 hijackers who used UAE banks to get terrorists funds in USA who attacked USA - about half the $250,000 spent on the Sept. 11 attacks was wired to al-qaida terrorists in the United States from dubai banks, according to U.S. Treasury investigators
-- 2001. UAE served as an operational base for the September 11 hijackers (two of whom came from UAE)
-- 2001. UAE “compensation” plan for the ''palestinian'' intifada (uprising) in 2001 included $3,000 for every ''palestinian'' shaheed (suicide bomber), $2,000 for his family, $1,500 for those detained by Israel, $1,200 for each orphan. In addition, families of those terrorists whose homes Israel demolished each received $10,000. Also in 2001, in support of the martyr’s families in the ''palestinian'' intifada (uprising), TWO ''telethons'' were organized in the UAE. “We Are All ''palestinians''” raised 135 million dirham, or $36.8 million, and “For Your Sake ''palestine''” raised 350 million dirham, or $95.3 million.
-- 2001. UAE - it was through dubai that Russian arms dealers supplied bin laden's taliban backers in Afghanistan before the U.S.-led war ousted their islamic government.
-- 2002 to 2005 (?) - UAE - dubai-based companies in the UAE have been cited linchpins in the lucrative nuclear weapons black market that has supplied iran, libya and north Korea. SMB Computers, a key element in the nuclear weapons black market operated by Pakistani scientist abdul qadeer khan. Another UAE company involved in the nuclear black market was Gulf Technical Industries. The shipments were said to have been disguised and often relabeled in dubai to avoid detection. Dubai company SMB was also the front for the nuclear network that sought to provide up to 1,000 centrifuges to libya. SMB owner tahir was shipping agent for nuclear black market, using UAE shipping facilities. UAE port of dubai served as the port of destination for these shipments.
-- 2002. UAE was favorite transit point for smugglers sneaking past U.S.-led naval patrols enforcing United Nations trade sanctions
-- 2004. UAE Red Crescent donated $2 million to HAMAS “charities” to be distributed to 3,158 terrorists’ orphans.
-- January 2004. According to US officials, banks in UAE remain a key focus in the investigation into terror funding despite moves to tighten reporting rules, freeze accounts and control informal money transfers; this is due to dubai's history of shady transactions and the difficulty of tracking a matrix of legal and illegal free trade. UAE continues to stonewall the U.S. Treasury Department's efforts to track al qaeda's bank accounts.
-- March 2005. UAE Friends Society transferred $475,000, through the UAE Red Crescent, to West Bank “charitable” organizations in Hebron, Jenin, Nablus and Tulkarem to distribute to the families of “martyrs”
-- May 10, 2005. Saudi/UAE Al-Majd TV: “the fact that [the U.S.] entered [Iraq] … makes it every muslim's duty to go out against them, not only the Iraqis… Jihad today has become an individual duty that applies to each and every muslim… When the muslims fought in Afghanistan they destroyed the Soviet Union… It collapsed, and allah willing so will [the U.S.] collapse.”
-- July 2005. osama zaki muhammad bashiti of Khan Younis in Gaza was arrested as he returned from the UAE, for often transferring funds of as much as $200,000 at a time to the Gaza HAMAS branch. The suicide bombing and attacks, including one mortar attack on Gush Katif, caused the death of 44 Israeli civilians and dozens of injuries.
-- July 27, 2005, the ''palestinian Information Center'' carried a public HAMAS statement thanking the UAE for it’s “unstinting support.” The statement said: “We highly appreciate his highness sheikh khalifa bin zayed bin ultan al-nahyan (UAE president) in particular and the UAE people and government in general for their limitless support.
-- February 2006. UAE Company Hosts HAMAS Web Site - a company in the UAE provides hosting services for one of the leading web sites of HAMAS.
-- February 2006. Misuse of passports on the rise in UAE. "Cases of fraud involving misuse of passports are on the rise in the UAE, Khaleej Times, has learnt."

WITH THIS EVIDENCE I charge The President of The United States WITH TREASON. Impeachment from office is required before the criminal charge of TREASON can be procecuted against the accused...
Streaker Runs Across Ice in Curling Match
Feb 24 7:07 PM US/Eastern

The men's bronze medal match Friday was interrupted by a streaker. Midway through the United States' 8-6 win over Britain, a man wearing what appeared to be a strategically placed rubber chicken ran onto one of the covered sheets of ice not being used in that session.

He danced around for a bit but never tried to approach any of the players.

Curlers probably feel a little safer than most athletes _ it's hard for intruders to run across ice, especially if they're naked. John Shuster said he never felt in danger.

"Olympic security's been amazing here," he said. "We weren't worried at all."

A couple of security officials from the venue hovered near the streaker for several seconds before finally covering him and leading him away.
EDITOR'S NOTE: I was in FL the entire time. That's my alibi and I'm sticking to it...
Meet Sam:

Caption:Sam, looking quite comfortable.
Sam looks like a footstool, or maybe a large pillow, but in reality, Sam is a living, breathing cat. One who happens to be more than just a little bit fat.
Owner Paul Webster says he has watched his 9-year-old feline grow from a tiny kitten to a 45-pound wonder. In fact, Webster says, Sam is 32 inches long and 34 inches around.
According to his veterinarian, despite Sam’s heft, he’s healthy.
“He’s not overfed. He gets one cup of dry kibble a day. He’s allowed to have two, but he just has one,” Webster said.
And occasionally, Sam gets canned food as a special treat. Perhaps he has a slow metabolism.
Webster says that plus-size modeling may be in Sam’s future.
“I went on Web sites from New York and L.A., trying to get him an agent to put him on greeting cards or TV,” Webster said.
Webster says he tried to get Sam into the Guinness Book of World Records, but the Guinness people declined, saying they don’t want to encourage others to overfeed their animals...
While everyone was getting a belly laugh over ''cheany shot his buddy'' I have been paying attention to news:
He is seeking to relinquish control of all the major US ports to the control of al-quida.
This is why I AM NO LONGER a ''republican'' . The Republican Party of Reagan is also six feet under the California soil.
Between the ''kissy face'' he makes with the saudis (Remember them? The people who fly planes into buildings?). His EASILY demonstrated TOTAL IGNORANCE of islam (the state of the union address) AND NOW SUPPORTING THE SALE OF OUR MAJOR PORTS TO AL-QUIDA?!?!?!
If ''dubya'' does not have a sudden change of mind IN ORDER TO BEGIN ACTUALLY SUPPORTING ''Homeland Security'', I will begin supporting the calls TO IMPEACH HIM!!!
And YES, I HAVE been calling and emailing my congressman, Dr. Weldon to explain WHY he MUST OPPOSE allowing al-quida to sieze control of the port of Miami REGARDLESS of what the so-called ''president'' thinks.
BTW, His brother, MY GOVENOR, JEB Bush,
is silent on this issue. And considering that he should have SOME influence to help ''the white house'' TO STEER HURRICANE AL-QUIDA AWAY FROM FLORIDA, HE MUST NOT BE SILENT.
And WE must not be silent...
My home, St. Cloud, FL, has been talking about expanding 'CyberSpot', the city-wide WI-FI network. (it's even in Wikipedia!)
It has NOT been done, I am QUITE confident in saying this.
For a YEAR now, I've been hearing this BS of (the city of St. Cloud) expanding 'cyberspot' beyond ''the downtown district''. I have even been TOLD by people I TRUST that this has happened.
I'll put it bluntly, I've ran EVERY test I can think of, INCLUDING COMPLETELY DISABLING MY ROUTER. Complete and TOTAL shutdown, DEAD ROUTER. THAT finally made 'cyberspot' appear to my WI-FI connection.
I had to save this to my hard drive, because as I wrote this I was running every test I could think of to either PROVE I can connect to 'cyberspot' or PROVE I cannot.
My verdict:
My computer can just barely ''see'' (pick up) 'cyberspot'. It cannot connect to it.
I can hear it now: ''Oh, you know nothing about WI-FI''.
That is NOT true. My computer DID find a VERY useful ''WI-FI hotspot''.
WHAT? You think I'M going to tell you where it is? Like ''a special fishing spot'', WHY would I tell you where it is? It is about 30 miles east of Disney World and 30 miles south of Orlando. If you can find it, you can use it.
And YES, everything WI-FI promisies, CAN happen! In about a 100-foot range of the WI-FI ''base station''...
I was emailing an old friend about my new blog when this came to me;
Have I seen an editorial cartoon that has offended me lately? Damn straight!!!

To be honest, I didn't even know the name of that paper till I googled it!
This DID INDEED make my blood boil!!! This JERK depicts gun owners ''as kooky gun nuts''. I OWN FIREARMS, nearly everyone I KNOW owns firearms, and this jackass thnks my whole world revolves around guns.
The closest thing to ANY form of ''protest'' I would like to do is to tell this pinhead off!!!
I have NO desire whatsoever to inflict any physical harm on him, his fellow employees, his employer, ANYONE who lives in Wisconsin, The Green Bay Packers (unless they are playing against the Bucs, and even then all I want to see is the Packers to lose that game) or anyone who does business from Wisconsin (Wisconsin cheese is tasty and good for you, enjoy it!) But thanks to the blogger Iowahawk, I have a perfect way to get even:

This 'toon represents vince lombardi wearing a limburger cheese hat with a pair of average Packer players. May the death threats begin...
They had to win their final 5 games. Just to make it into the playoffs as a ''wild card'' team. And they had to win all 3 of their playoff games ''on the road'' to GET to SB XL. And they did that. Then they had to WIN SB XL. And they did that.
Too bad this was not on FOX, It would have been nice to see Terry Bradshaw watch his team win #5.
And with this post ''liveblogging the Super Bowl'' comes to a close until another year...
And it looks like the Steelers will win their fifth Super Bowl!!!
An entire hotel chain just announced it is ''non-smoking''. Fine with me.
The Seahawks are getting desperate. No timeouts remaining, down by 11.
The Steelers have won #5!!!
Not ONLY was ''a trick play'' done in the SB, IT WORKED!!! The QB tossed off to the RB who tossed off to a WR, who threw for the TD!!! And now a fumble is on the coach's challenge, and the ruling on the field is overturned. NOT a fumble. Yes, I'm rooting for the team that is actually in my time zone. (EST, Pittsburgh) Steelers 21-10...
Gillette ''Fusion''. 2, 3, 4 blades? How 'old school'. Now we have a 5-bladed razor. Yawn.
And they spent millions to tout this? Oh BTW, you can get this razor battery-powered as well (NOT an electric one, it will not cut a hair without your help). And the 3rd quarter ends with the score 14-10 Pittsburgh...
Ususally it's a great SHOW and a lame football game. This one is actually a good game!
TD Seahawks! 14-10 Steelers. Gotta like the Steeler with the hair that can't be contained by a football helmet...
Aww, a baby Clydesdale horse pulls the wagon (helped by other horses) the best ad so far...
And time for the 'Stones. So far 2 dot com ads and announcing the remake of (disney's) ''the shaggy dog'' as well as the 50th of disneyland (as a disney world ad).
Just heard, the announcement by the NFL that the Saints WILL play the 2006 season in the Superdome.
The 'Stones begin with ''Start me up''. Mick acts like he chugged a few red bulls and sings that line as ''you made a dead man [pause]'' (the word left out was 'come').
The song ''Rough Justice'' sucks. Finishing with a rather lame version of (can't get no) ''Satisfaction''. I like the stage set up for them (the 'Stones logo).
It is time for them to retire. A 12-minute show and they looked and sounded tired.
I am amazed Keith Richards IS STILL ALIVE let alone be able to to adaqutely perform.
Time for the 2nd half. Now disney is doing a parody of the ''I'm going to disney world'' ad. (you are ''liveblogging'' the Super Bowl, now what will you do?) ''Go to Disney World''?!?! Please, been there more times than you or I can count. Did you know there is a network of tunnels under the magic kingdom large enough to drive a small car through? I know. While writing this Willy Parker just broke the SB record for longest SB rushing play. 75 yards for the TD. 14-3 Steelers...
The 'burgh QB just rushed for an apparent TD (under review), the instant replay looks like NOT A TD the call on the field stands. 7-3 Pittsburgh...
UPDATE (2/14/6): I now have the scanned image of the paper in question;

When our esteemed president said in The State of the Union Address: ''And one of the main sources of reaction and opposition is radical Islam - the perversion by a few of a noble faith into an ideology of terror and death.'' MY blood started to boil!!!
Because I see this as proof positive that he is A COMPLETE MORON!
Because he fully buys into this NONSENSE that ''islam is a religion of peace'' that is being ''corrupted'' by ''the perversion by a few of a noble faith into an ideology of terror and death.''. PURE CLUELESSNESS!!!
The Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten recently published 12 editorial cartoons that allegedly depict ''the prophet muhammed''. By American editorial cartoon standards these 'toons are rather mild. The reason I can say that is because below is each one with a comment about it's content:
'Toon #1:

Looks like ''muhammed'' is seeking (as the koran desribes it) to ''slay the infidel wherever you find him''.
'Toon #2:

Appears to be a playful attempt to spot ''muhammed'' in a police lineup. The artist's intent seems to be humor alone.
'Toon #3:

The artist's intent here is obvious. He is depicting himself in fear of drawing ''muhammed''. For good reason, below I will show you WHY he seems to be nervous.
'Toon #4:

The artist appears to be depicting ''muhammed'' traveling the arabian desert. Nothing more, nothing less.
'Toon #5:

The crude artwork is the most abstract of the bunch. If it were not for the included text I would not be able to ascribe ANY meaning to it at all! But anyone with any familiarty with islam (unlike our esteemed moron-in-chief) would understand that islam does indeed ''keep women under thumb''! Go to Google and enter the words ''honor killings'' without the quotes and see what you get.
'Toon #6:

Seems to be ''muhammed'' greeting a number of ''blessed martyrs'' (that is what muslims commonly call them) and what we call ''suicide bombers''. Refers to the claim that suicide bombers ''recive 72 virgins in paridise''. I would call it a political statement.
'Toon #7:

This one is commonly considerd the most controversial of the bunch. Clearly depicting ''muhammed'' with his turban being a bomb with a lit fuse. Because islam is OFTEN associated with bombs around the world the artist is making the connection between islam and violence.
HOW would someone associate islam with violence? Just get a copy of the koran AND READ IT!!! Perhaps if our esteemed moron-in-chief did that, perhaps he would not be SO FREAKIN' CLUELESS!!!
'Toon #8:

The paper itself added the commentary text. My own opinion is PERHAPS HE DOES ''understand the seriousness of the muslim threat to free speech''.
'Toon #9:

ANOTHER one that associates islam with violence! Why would anyone do that? After all our esteemed moron-in-chief coined the phrase ''islam is a religion of peace''!!! Hmm, let's see what happens when I type ''riots over danish cartoons'' into Google News without the quotes. *gasps in mock horror* But, But, the moron-in-chief said this was ''the perversion by a few of a noble faith into an ideology of terror and death.''!!!
If THAT is how the moron-in-chief defines as ''a few'' how would he define the word ''MANY''!?!?!?!
'Toon #10:

I also consider this one ''abstract''. Can't really say WHAT the artist is trying to depict here other than ''muhammed was the founder of islam''.
'Toon #11:

My personal favorite of the bunch. I like this guy's sense of humor. Clearly poking fun at this whole situation. And last, but least:
'Toon #12:

While quite well done, this one also reflects a certain cluelessness about islam. It depicts ''muhammed'' as a deity in much the same way Jesus Christ is commonly depicted. The problem I have with it is while Jesus Christ IS considerd a deity (the son of God) ''muhammed'' is not one. Neither is Moses. They are considerd ''the bringers of God's word'' but not in and of themselves God.

All that said I take issue with those who try to compare the reaction of muslims to these cartoons to the offence Christians take with various intential offensive depictions of Christ. From ''Right Wing News'':
''-- One other thing about the Danish cartoons that people should keep in mind is that Muslims who are upset, unhappy, angry, and calling for boycotts over these cartoons are not bad people. Certainly those of us who are Christians sometimes do the same things when we get offended. The point of publishing these cartoons was to show the bad actors out there, the radical Islamists, that they can't intimidate the press with threats. As you follow this story, it's worth keeping that in mind so that Muslims -- who aren't acting much differently than we Christians would under similar circumstances -- don't get painted with the same brush as the thugs.''.
More ''disconnect'' on the issue. Decide for yourself who actually has a clue about muslims and who CLEARLY DOES NOT. Guess where the pics below came from? London. Yes, mr. hawkins the one in that country known as England. You know, where muslims have staged vicious attacks. And yes, mr. hawkins that is why all those protest signs are so conviently in English. And yes, people in England do speak that language as well. When someone is so CLUELESS about islam I do indeed question their intellegence. Especially someone who has often linked to Jihad Watch and Michelle Malkin on his own blog.
Rick Darby has coined a phrase to describe this mindset: Reverse Bush Derangement Syndrome, meaning the hyper defensiveness toward Bush that Republicans have developed in response to the left’s crazed hatred of him, a phenomenon that has been frequently remarked upon here
Well, mr. hawkins, here are things I don't see Christians doing:







And last but not least:

I agree with Malkin's take on these pics: ''No, you go to hell''!
And mr. hawkins for vomiting up that statement on your blog that ''muslims should be offended'', YOU GO TO HELL TOO!!!
I think it safe to say these people pictured above are muslims, and that they are offended. And ARE offensive. Read for yourself what is on those protest signs.
Granted these muslims are not actually BEING violent, but what these signs are calling for SURE SOUNDS VIOLENT to me. And there are muslims WHO ARE GETTING VIOLENT over these cartoons:
''Palestinian gunmen seized and later released a German on Thursday after militants threatened violence and demanded an apology for caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad that appeared in European newspapers.

The rare kidnapping in the occupied West Bank took Muslim anger to a new level in a controversy over balancing Western freedom of the press with religious sensibilities.

In the Gaza Strip, where tensions are also high, a hand grenade was thrown into the compound of the French Cultural Center. No one was hurt in the night-time incident, security officials said.

Palestinian security officials said gunmen from a militant faction in President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction seized Christoph Kasten, 21, from a hotel coffee shop in the city of Nablus and took him to an empty field before releasing him.

There was no immediate word from the kidnappers on their motives, but the security officials said the militants were showing their anger at publication of the cartoons in Denmark, Norway, France, Germany and Spain.

Islamic tradition prohibits realistic depictions of prophets, and considers caricatures of them blasphemous.

"Yes, I am OK," Kasten, an English teacher, told reporters in the offices of the Preventive Security agency in Nablus. "Two Palestinian gunmen asked me to go with them. I didn't know where. They did not make any demands. After a while, they put me in a taxi and told me the taxi would take me to the police."

Earlier, al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, an armed faction in the Fatah movement, threatened in a news conference to kidnap citizens of France, Denmark and Norway if they did not leave Nablus within 72 hours.''
Here's an interesting statement from a Canadian muslim:
“The protests in the Middle East have proven that the cartoonist was right,” said Tarek Fatah, a director of the Muslim Canadian Congress. “It's falling straight into that trap of being depicted as a violent people and proving the point that, yes, we are.”
The trap of being depicted as a violent people? What ''trap'' is that mr. fatah?
The fact that your muslim last name translates into english as ''conquest''? Or the ''trap'' of what is actually in the koran? Which ''trap'' is it would that be...
I am going to bring to 'blogging' something I have done on various yahoogroups since SUPERBOWL XXXVI.
At that time I called it

SB edition. Back then it was the clumsy mess of a dailup connection and no blog.
Now I have both a full-speed (1.5 MBs) internet connection and a blog to send my opinions on ''the big game'' post-by-post IN REAL TIME!!!
Now that I CAN ''live-blog'' The Super Bowl, I intend to do so...
More from 'View from the Right':
Liberalism and the hollowing out of language.
The blogger Glaivester writes:

I thought you might like this recent post from my blog, where I critique this line from Bush’s state of the union,

“The Palestinian people have voted in elections. And now the leaders of Hamas must recognize Israel, disarm, reject terrorism, and work for lasting peace,”

with a paraphrase of a line from “The Merchant of Venice”:

“Under what compulsion must [they]?”

I read your article. The trouble is, Shylock makes his case before a judge who rules against him in the matter of Antonio and punishes him rather severely, so I’m not sure that The Merchant of Venice is an appropriate illustration of your point.

But let’s return to Bush’s quote with which you begin, “The leaders of Hamas must recognize Israel, disarm, reject terrorism, and work for lasting peace.” This is the bizarrely out-of-touch-with-reality language used by modern Western leaders when dealing with non-Westerners and enemies. So-and-so “must” do something. And if he doesn’t? Uh, well, uh, we’ll accept that too. So the “must” is a palpable fraud, by which the leader pretends that he is being firm, when in fact he is being an appeaser.

Living in a political society where leaders constantly speak language that doesn’t connect with reality is a kind of hell. But it is the inevitable result of liberalism. Why? Given the nature of the world, nations must occasionally confront evil and enemies. But liberalism says that to exert power over others is to be discriminatory and unequal. Liberalism thus removes the moral and rational basis of leadership and power. Yet leadership and power—or at least their appearance—are still essential to the workings and the legitimacy of political society. The result is the adoption by liberal leaders of a kind of anti-language, words that don’t mean anything, but pretend to mean something.

To repeat, liberalism prohibits the recognition of certain dimensions of reality, such as the existence of unregenerate evil and unappeasable enemies. But evil and enemies keep cropping up, and the leader must at least go through the motions of responding to them. Therefore, the leader of liberal society must use false language, he must operate in bad faith. He is a hollow man, a stuffed man. He speaks of confrontation, resolve, and implied punishment. He declares, “They must do such and such,” a declaration not backed up by any conquential act or by any intention to engage in any consequential act (“Between the motion / And the act / Falls the Shadow”), until finally the enemy, finding nothing solid standing in his way, simply takes over, and the temporizing language of liberalism is spoken no more, because liberal society has come to an end.

Lawrence Auster ''gets it''.
We HAVE YET ''to explain'' to islam ''Getting VIOLENT and DEADLY over a alledged insult is something WE WILL NOT TOLERATE FROM YOU!!!'' OR ELSE!!!
I provide the links so they will be clicked on. I strongly encourage you to do so.
These are the 'editorial cartoons' about muhammed that the muslims are getting
Same cartoons in full:
By OUR STANDARDS rather mild editorial cartoons.
Now consider an editorial cartoon many Americans find offensive:
Do I (or Mrs. Malkin) advocate any form OF VIOLENT ACT against the cartoonist or his employer?
You have every right to encourage his employer TO FIRE HIM!!!
You have every right to tell him ''you suck, bite me, go to hell!!!''
If you want ''to come get me'' for expressing my opinions, there is a Glock 9mm under my pillow. You WON'T get a second shot.
If you think that is harsh, YOU ARE A LIBERAL.
When ''W'' STATED his APPEASEMENT of islam and his EAGERNESS to keep the door WIDE OPEN for ''iraqi insurgents'' and al-quida from Texas to California in the State of the Union Address, the question MUST be asked; ''mr. president, are YOU with us or against us?''...

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