“Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.” - koran 9:5

How many times have we heard the phrase ''We are fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them over here''?
I've gotten quite cynical about that.
WE ARE ''nation building'' them over there, so we can AVOID fighting them over here.

He sees INCREASING MUSLIM ACTS OF WAR in America downplayed as ''not terrorism'' and is seeing our FUTILE efforts ''to bring freeedom'' to iraq and afghanistan AS OUR WEAKNESS.
Brain-dead bushbot LIBERALS do indeed HATE AMERICA just as much as cindy sheethead.
''stay the course''=''to hell with America''.
Bring ''the troops'' home so they can REMOVE the muslims from 'dar-al-harb' AND SEND THEM to 'dar-al-islam'.
What part of koran 9:5; “Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.”
Now let's see, muslims say ''FREEDOM GO TO HELL''. The koran teaches them to attack us (or support those attack us any way they can) and yet we have over 130,000 of our best NOT ALLOWED to ''fight them over there''.
THE LIBERAL John Kerry Hawkins and his president want to treat this ''as a law enforcement problem''.
I keep being told this is a war. I'd like to see some proof!!!
Now that the CAIRrorists has been shown EXACTLY how our ''anti-terrorism'' efforts work they will tell their fellow muslims ''the infidels TOLD US how they are TRYING TO stop our attacks''.
War on terrorism? WHAT ''War on terrorism''???
HURRICANE ERNESTO CENTRAL: ZZZZZZZZZZZ, Huh? What? Oh yeah, hurricane news, yeah. *shuffles papers*, Yeah, I got your hurricane news right here. (oh, that didn't sound right, did it?).
Lets go to storm correspondent Kent Brockman:
HURRICANE ERNESTO CENTRAL:Kent, can you here me?
*cue giant fan and garden hose* Kent: I CAN HERE YOU!!! THE WIND IS REALLY BLOWING OUT HERE!!! THE RAIN IS ALMOST HORIZONTAL!!! *THWACK!* [Kent falls over, out cold]
Who threw the lawn chair at him? YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO THROW THE LAWN CHAIR BEHIND HIM!!!
HURRICANE ERNESTO CENTRAL: Ok, while we are waiting to get back to Kent lets go to the exclusive HURRICANE ERNESTO CENTRAL WeatherWindow and check the current conditions: Overcast, light rain, winds gusting up to 20mph. [c'mon you guys, I need something more than that, Oh! We're under a tornado watch too? Cool! Check the satellite image, alright we'll go with it]
We are under a Tornado Warning until 5pm. And the rain has intesified now, it's close to a downpour.
As you can see on the satellite image this terrible storm is bearing down on us RIGHT NOW:

Stay with HURRICANE ERNESTO CENTRAL for further updates...
Why can't I shoot 'em?!?! Meet ''Ernesto'':

The 'crosshairs' is me.

When the storm gets here I'm figuring max winds about 40mph and about 3-5'' of rain.
So despite the media hyperbole this is going to be rather ho-hum.
Because this is a cutting-edge blog, I even have a hurricane correspondent: Jerry Petree.

Thank you Jerry Petree for your in-depth coverage of hurricane Ernesto.
Here at HURRICANE ERNESTO central what is the situation is Govenor Bush declared a ''state of emergency'' Aug. 28. All schools are closed for Aug 30, emergency shelters are open. My employer has battened down the hatches as well.
I have fully prepared for this terrible catastrophe so I can be here 'live blogging' the devastation and destruction as it occurs. Stay tuned for up to the minute coverage...
UPDATE: Just like the all the other professional news orginizations I DO INDEED have ''theme music'' for this:
First at 4pm EDT the news broke; No DNA match. Then at 8:30 EDT came came word that the Boulder DA's office declines to file charges on slimeball. Colorado's Govenor is majorly ticked off (and I'm sure seweraldo is not a happy camper either).
But what may suprise you is that this time I think this was a genius move by the Boulder DA's office! By NOT filing charges now the outstanding warrant for the child porn charge takes presidence and they can continue to hold him pending extraditon to CA.
To put it bluntly as that charge takes over the DA can either quietly exonerate him on the JonBenet case after ''the news cycle'' has shifted to The Next Big Story or have the time to put together a case that is actually stronger than used kleenex. The media doesn't care about the child porn charge, BUT it could well take months for that to wind it's way through the courts before he's convicted for it. And without a media circus around it.
If the DA filed charges they would have to put something together for the bail hearing in 72 hours.
Considering that this is a murder charge that would mean they would have to justify either ''no bail'' or a $1 million+ bail (effectively the same thing). And other than the confession, there was nothing there to support the charges. All the while under the media microscope.
Also if the DA chooses to file charges against him in the future the child porn conviction becomes useful as a way to help build a case against him...

And it could hit me too. That is like living in California and saying ''a massive quake won't happen in MY lifetime''.
Welcome to reality world...
I hope the Dutch company that now owns the name and logo of Commodore [C=] decides that the name would be better served in the graveyard of lost computer companies.
Yes, like Compaq. And this IS being written on a still-new ''Compaq''.
I actually respect GM for killing off the ''Oldsmobile'' brand name. It became a photocopy of the Buick brand name (which will ALSO eventually be phased out).
I like my ''Compaq Presario'' even though ''Compaq'' is actually HP's ''sock puppet''.
So why do I have a 2006 ''Compaq''? The right features for the right price plain and simple.
Mike Dell taught me a lesson, computers are a commodity. Once you open the box, set it up and determine ''yes, it works as expected'' you're on your own.
And if you get a free dell laptop it's YOUR problem, not mine...
UPDATE: The Public Defender knows 'it's a slam-dunk'!!! He's told attourneys hired by scumbag's famdamly ''GO AWAY!!! I DON'T NEED OR WANT YOUR HELP!!!'' and I agree.
If the PD can't get ''his client'' off on these charges, prompt disbarrment is in order.
HEY! NEIL BOORTZ!!! YOUR specialty was real estate law!!!
If YOU can't get scumbag cleared of these charges you really ARE an idiot. It's that easy.
I bet Tom Olsen could get scumbag cleared of these charges!!! And HIS specialty is real estate law as well!!!

Well scumbag is now in a Boulder jail awaiting a bail hearing. Considering the charges he's facing (at least second-degree Murder, probably rape of a child and possibly kidnapping) I suspect he will be held without bail pending trial (or bail will be set so high that its effectively the same thing).
I perdict that despite his attempts to do so, this will not reach to point of actually putting him on trial for these crimes. The DA will drop the charges against him due to insufficent evidence, his ''confession'' not being enough to justify bringing him to trial.
From what I've heard already, the evidence seems to rule him out as the killer.
Myself, I'm unconvinced that the killer is NOT a family member. But I will also say I have no idea which three cards are in the little envelope:
John Ramsey in The Library with The Lead Pipe,
Burke Ramsey in The Bedroom with The Candelstick,
Patsy Ramsey in The Kitchen with The Rope.

I'll admit it, I love a good murder mystery as much as next person.
And to put it bluntly, that's all it is now. A good murder mystery. That quite possibly will never be solved. That's why the media has jumped all over it, it's ''the perfect storm''.
You've got the pretty girl, you've got the shocking murder, you've got the illict sex angle:

I have A BIG PROBLEM with this. I don't have a problem with this.
THAT to me is the ''evidence'' that John Ramsey and Burke Ramsey are guilty of either murder in the second degree or conspiricy to commit murder.
The whole Ramsey family was REALLY screwed up. Patsy was brain dead decades before her cardic muscle stopped routinely contracting and relaxing. I suspect SOMEONE said to them at one time or another; ''Look, that's just wrong'' and they shrugged it off as ''it's just harmless fun'' even though it clearly IS NOT ''harmless''.
Have you ever wondered why there is a minimum age to drive? A typical car with power steering, power brakes and automatic transmission is quite (physically) operable for a 6-year old child.
But children do not understand the power/responsibility relationship. A cliche'd statment is ''playing with fire''. The premise of the phrase is that kept under control fire is quite useful.
BUT if handled irresponsibly the effects can be tragic not only for the person who is supposed to be responsible to keep it under control but for others who would not have any reasonable expectation of potential danger. From time to time we hear of the story ''The fire was caused by kids playing with matches'' after the tragedy occured.
I DO realize that a child cannot be supervised 24/7, that's why certain things have to declared ''off limits'' to childeren UNLESS a parent or someone designated as a sensei (someone that agrees to take responibility for instructing others) is able to supervise and maintain a minimum standard of caution.
I ''bring the hammer down'' on those who do not merely overlook an aspect of supervison or instruction but to those who mindlessly bestow abilities to those who have no idea what consequences those new-found abilities can cause.
In other words, I realize you can't ''pad the world''. But you DON'T show a child how to flick a lighter then give the lighter to the child.
Here is why I hate leftards: They would react to what I just wrote as ''So you want all little girls dressed in burqas?''. No, idiot, just don't dress your child like ''a pinup'' and don't allow your child to dress that way.
But you know what makes this EVEN MORE outrageous? This represents ''the lowering of the bar''. As noted, I don't have a problem with pretty, ADULT girls being made into ''sex objects''. But ''media inc.'' realizes there is a market to sell to and it will do so.
That is one thing ''the right'' doesn't quite understand yet.
THERE IS NO ''MORALITY'' TO CAPITALISM. It is Amoral. It has nothing to do with right or wrong. It is merely buy and sell...

 Y'know, if dead birds or mice appear in MY house I'm pretty sure how it happend...
First from Vox Populi: It's not art, it is science:
From the article he linked to:
After pickled sheep, unmade beds and painting with elephant dung, some questioned where modern art could go next.

Kira O'Reilly will provide her own answer today by spending four hours naked, hugging a dead pig - at the taxpayer's expense.

The controversial Irish performance artist will invite one person at a time to watch her sit in a specially-constructed set and perform a 'crushing slow dance' with the carcass in her arms.

She claims the bizarre exhibition is an attempt to 'identify' with the pig, which she cuts with a knife during the show.

Visitors to the Newlyn Art Gallery in Newlyn, Cornwall - funded by taxpayers and the lottery - will be allowed to watch her for ten minutes. The gallery has defended its decision to stage the one-off show, but animal rights campaigners have labelled the performance 'sick'.

Anita Singh, spokesman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, said: 'This seems to be a desperate cry for help that merits visits from mental health counsellors, not voyeurs.

'As Miss O'Reilly seems to depend on the shock value of using a murdered pig as a prop, perhaps lacking the talent to make it as a proper artist, may we suggest she take up a day job instead to pay the bills. This is not entertainment - this is sick.'
For once I have to agree with PETA on this one. But it's not OUR tax and lottery dollars going to fund this lunacy but British tax and lottery pounds. Before you laugh it off as ''those silly Brits''. ask yourself ''Isn't this have just as likely to happen at a some Manhattan art gallery?''.
The correct answer is: ''Sure, of course it could''.
Before you click on the following link to The (London) Daily Mail be warned; it includes a photo of this ''performance artist'' doing her so-called ''performance art''. Yes she is nude, and yes she is holding a dead pig which is also nude.
Click here at your own risk. (Do I have to mention it's NSFW?)
Like many news sites this allows blog-style reader comments and here are some of them:

How much is this costing the taxpayer??
- John Phillips, Derby . England

Funny how many morons there are in this world, all wishing to pay to see total rubbish.
- Nigel, Somerset

This woman is clearly mad.
- Sarah, Surrey, UK

This woman is not mad. Anyone who can make money out of idiots who like to throw taxpayers money at any old trash, or the gullible public, may be guilty of taking money from those of feeble mind, but MAD? never.
- Bryn, Tamworth staffs

Who are the clowns at the Arts Council who give money away for stupid stunts like this, which have nothing to do with art. I think I'll apply for a grant, I need to paint my garden fence.
- Paul Ward, Rugby, UK

It is obviously a metaphor for the alienation of the human condition in a mechanised ethos.
- David, Birmingham

Anything with a naked woman gets my thumbs-up.
- Peter Pervert, Purley

If this woman walked into a mental hospital hugging and dancing with a dead pig they would not even allow her to go home for her pajamas!
- M. Beattie, England

M. Beattie is right. This woman & the Arts Council, should have thier heads examined.
- Arthur Dent, Felixstowe

Would someone please explain to me why MY money is being used to pay for what can only be described as a sick joke; as this is what this is. It is NOT art. Just another example of the 'King's New Clothes'.
- J Mitchell, Sheffield, UK

Good Lord! Awful wrinkled thing. The pig isn't much better either.
- Jeff, Ontario, Canada

I can just see it. You will have all these idiots standing there looking at her trying to be clever and decide what she is thinking. These people are mad.
- Sue Delaney, Worthing, West Sussex

Will she be standing in a bucket of apple sauce?
- Mike, Coventry

A new meaning to bringing home the bacon, perhaps?
- Jeff Finegan, Montmorillon, France

Right, if it's my tax that's paying for this I'm going there tomorrow. (Seriously)

By the way, I don't actually agree with my tax being spent this way but I will defend this womans right - and the pig's - to do this providing they fund it themselves.
- Dave, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire

The one from Canada is priceless. As I warned you, she IS naked (in fact, she appears to be anorexic). Vox's sarcastic comment on this is:
I think the exhibit should be entitled "Portrait of My Unwanted Child as a Deceased Pig". I'm no longer concerned about seeing civilization arrest its decline into barbarism, I'm simply enjoying the spectacle.

Bring on the gladiators!

I see his point. When I clicked on the link to that article I wasn't expecting to see the photo. That's why I warned you about it. When I saw it my reaction was ''OMG, he wasn't kidding''.
That, and what I heard on sean innanity's radio show Friday afternoon, have made me say ''We really have sunk that far, haven't we?''.
We're in the middle of the JonBenet Ramsey media circus all over again. One thing I've been reading and hearing lately is about is ''how the NY Times, CNN, ect ,ect, is giving our enemies information on our war effort''.
I'm getting a bit tired of that cliche'. And yes, it IS a cliche', and a hollow one at that.
Another site I visit regularly is Jihad Watch and on it I found this; Fitzgerald: What would have followed? Where he points out what would have happened had those attempted airliner attacks had succeded? I suspect there would have been a lot of wailing, mourning of the dead perhaps air travel would have been suspended for a few days (as had happend after 9/11) then security would be stepped up just as it has been now where mothers are told to taste baby's milk before getting on her flight.
When are we going to get serious folks?
For years now we keep hearing liberals and junk food conservitives whimpering ''that's not fair, not all muslims are terrorists''. But for FIVE YEARS NOW we've continued to pretend that muslims ''can clean up their act'' and ''help us put a stop to terrorism'' and what do we get? The so-called Council on American-Islamic Relations who scream bloody murder about our ''racist profiling of muslims'' every chance they get!!! What are we NOT getting? A whole lot of muslims saying ''Ya 'know it just dawned on me, maybe there's a reason why more and more people are getting really suspicious about muslims?''. Remember how almost no newspapers would print any of ''the mohammed cartoons'' EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE A LEGITIMATE NEWS STORY??? Remember how CNN ''blurred out'' the images of them when they did put them on screen? The Boston Phoenix at least admitted THE REAL reason:
1) Out of fear of retaliation from the international brotherhood of radical and bloodthirsty Islamists who seek to impose their will on those who do not believe as they do. This is, frankly, our primary reason for not publishing any of the images in question. Simply stated, we are being terrorized, and as deeply as we believe in the principles of free speech and a free press, we could not in good conscience place the men and women who work at the Phoenix and its related companies in physical jeopardy. As we feel forced, literally, to bend to maniacal pressure, this may be the darkest moment in our 40-year publishing history.
How 'bout that? They at least were able to say it: ''No, not all muslims are bad, but we fear for our safety from the one or few muslims that might seek to do us harm''. When I listen to talk radio, from time to time a muslim calls in to say ''you are reading koran wrong, koran does not say that'' EVEN THOUGH IT DOES!!! Folks, that is also ''terrorism''. A newspaper admitting that it cowers in fear that a muslim might attack them is also ''terrorism''.
Another thing I've been reading also came from Jihad Watch: Fitzgerald: Tips for visiting a mosque. A quite well-written piece if I do say so (and the comments to it are quite enlightening as well). It discusses ''muslim outreach'' in our communities and the correct way to deal with it.
''Muslim outreach'' is just a way to try to fool us ''infiedels'' that Abdul over there isn't a bad guy, and you have no need to be suspicious of him or any other muslim regardless of what you see and hear every single day.
What I began this with is an example of the REAL problem we face. The perception of US as a soft, weak and decadent people nearly begging the muslims to take over. And that we have been eager to embrace PHONIES like sean innanity as ''a staunch conservitive helping us fight for the good 'ol red white and blue'' . Whenever I hear a caller to innanity's radio show say ''sean, you're a great american'' I can't help but think ''and you're a bad american too''. He sucks up to Sewaraldo Slimevera, he sucks up to howeird stern, he says things on an weekday afternoon radio show that as one caller to his radio show once said to him: ''Sean!!! What are you doing??? I have kids in the car!!!''.
BTW, as someone who has designed a website myself (the one you are looking at) having visited his offical website (http://www.hannity.com/) also helped me realize just how awful it (and he) really are...
I was listening to sean innanity as I wrote the previous post and he's talking about 'penis pumps' and a judge that used one in court. HOW NICE of him to rant about this subject live on the air between 4:30 and 5pm EDT.
Sean is ''a great american'' for this reason?
Actually, I'm GLAD he did that, it just helps prove what ''Junk food conservitism'' is all about.
Perhaps I can go to Main Street USA in Disney World and start shouting ''Penis pumps! Get your penis pumps here!!!'' and ''Sean Hannity talks about them on his radio show!!!'' and ''Be 'a great american' and get your 'great american' penis pumps here!!!''.
Now if I did that standing on Main Street USA in Disney World I would be run out of there in less than an hour.
But DISNEY doesn't seem to have a problem with paying pawn innanity to be talking about this live on the air.
This undercuts the message that Rebecca Hagelin is trying to send about our rotted culture. If she gets stars in her eyes over pawn innanity and won't object to him being a so-called ''shock jock'' on the radio from 3-6pm EDT she is just exploiting a market AND NOT trying to provide guidance AWAY from our rotted culture!
Look, THAT is what ''junk food conservitism'' is all about. Principles mean nothing, just push the product to an eager market for it. ''if it sells, sell it'' cold capitalism. Just another market, just another customer to sell a product to. No more, no less. ''As long as the check clears'' is all that matters to such people.
Considering how pawn innanity sells his product as ''a-ok, won't offend anyone, be 'a great american' by listening'', perhaps Disney should play his show LIVE over loudspeakers on Main Street USA in Disney World...

p.s. That would be quite simple for Disney to do, Main Street USA is riddled with GOOD loudspeakers. They use them for audio for the regular parades. Perhaps they should use them to promote pawn innanity as well...
We've all heard by now of this cretin who got himself busted over in Thailand for patronizing child prostitutes.
But first for some ''backstory''; For years Thailand has been embarassed over a rampant child prostitution problem. If it were merely confined to Thai men raping childern the Thai government would continue to ''look the other way''. Thailand is a impoverished country and often the local cops are on the take from the brothels. But the word has spread that if you want kiddy sex, Thailand is the place to go. This has drawn media attention from the West over ''the Thai child prostitution scandal'' as well as attention from Western politicans over what has become known as ''sex tourism''. That's when Western governments criminalized the practice of traveling to third-world countries for the purpose of sex with children.
Obviously, the Thai government is qute embarassed over the persception that they are being known as ''the kiddy sex captial of the world''. So, since the mid 90's Thai cops stage occasional raids seeking ''trophies''; the Western ''child sex tourists''. In order to show the rest of the world that ''they are aggressivly dealing with the problem''. This dirtbag just happend to be a Westerner nabbed in one such raid (fellow Thais don't matter). Essentially Western embassies have let the Thais know that if they catch any of those creeps you can pretty much do whatever you please with him (just avoid killing or tortuing him). In fact, it's quite possible that someone from the US embassy told him in the Bangkok jail ''look buttmunch, we know why you're here and we ain't gonna lift a finger to help you'' so dirtbag realized that in order to avoid the prospect of (literally) rotting in a Thai prison, he had to come up with a reason for Uncle Sam to come to his rescue. And he had to think fast, so what better reason for the US to come get him was to claim he was the killer of JonBenet Ramsey. Especially if he is actually innocent of that crime.
Some have speculated that he ''studied'' the Ramsey case. He really didn't NEED to, in fact it would be like claiming that you or I ''studied'' the michael jackson, OJ or Natalee Holliway cases.
If you want to ''study'' the JonBenet case just click on CNN, FOX or MSNBC right now. In fact, I bet FOX news ''correspondent'' Seweraldo Slimevera is tickled pink right now. This gives him ''a big story'' to (re)exploit. Heck, even without ''this shocking revelation'' the JonBenet story bubbles up on it's own from time to time: Jon Benet Ramsey in Daisy Dukes By Mike S. Adams (take note of the date that was posted: Friday, August 4, 2006; two weeks ago, before this 'tard got himself busted).
It didn't take much brainpower to figure out that claiming to be JonBenet's killer was this jerk's ''get out of (Bangkok) jail and back to the good 'ol USA free card''. And WE the American people will get ''the whole play-by-play'' via the media.
Why do you think I'm writing this? To get on this media bandwagon MYSELF!!! At least I'm being more honest about it than the rest of the media!!!
Personally, I think this moron DIDN'T kill JonBenet. Even if I think he's lower on the food chain than the Seweraldo Slimevera that will play this to the hilt. So we got this unstoppable media circus all over again. I might as well join this media party!!!
I think this pinhead 'got the golden ticket' and he's going to use it for all it's worth.
So despite the fact that I belive he didn't kill JonBenet (but is nevertheless a sicko) he has become an ''insta-celeb'' vying for his proverbial fifteen minutes of (in)fame.
Here's how I think it will play out: He will claim this confession was beaten out of him. I doubt that, but by making this claim gives him both ''victim'' status (useful in court in the future) and the ability to say he ''confessed under duress''. I think he will be ruled out as JonBenet's killer from evidence and testimony by relatives. He FLED the US on child pr0n charges and he will have to face them. But now he can use his new-found media celebrity status to help him.
I now see Savage's point when he calls it ''the government-media complex''. IT IS, and this jerk figured out how to exploit that to his advantage...
These people wouldn't know which way was South if you showed them a compass pointing South and explained to them ''Do you see the setting sun?''.
''Now point at the setting sun with your right arm. Just extend your right arm in the direction of the setting sun''. Now with your right arm straight out from your body, which direction are you facing?
If they can't get it right, they are a ''TARDPUBLICAN''...
Because he's the perfect example of ''a junk food conservitive''. Whenever I look at his site I think ''His patriotism may be BROAD but is sure isn't DEEP''.
Like too much of talk radio, ''all show and no go''. And to defend their opinions it becomes ''If you disagree with me you are NOT ''a good american''.
My opinion is john kerry hawkins operates his site as a way to not have to say ''would you like fries with that''? to make a living:

The prostitution test has become an old joke:
Man walks up to a woman in a bar and asks her; ''Would you sleep with me for a million dollars''?
She says; ''For a million dollars, I will''.
Man says; "Will you sleep with me for $50?''.
She slaps his face and says; ''What kind of girl do you think I am?''
Man says; ''We already established THAT, now we are discussing the price''.

Because jkh sells ad space to moveon.org it's QUITE CLEAR that he ''can be bought''...
From Diana West, someone who actually is ''reality-based'':

I'm all for looking on the bright side, but this is ridiculous. Commenting on the largest demonstration in favor of Hezbollah's war on Israel — a demonstration that took place in American-liberated BaghdadCondoleezza Rice John Kerry Hawkins had this to say to NBC's Tim Russert: "That people would go out and demonstrate and say what they feel is one sign that perhaps Iraq is one place in the Middle East where people are exercising their right to free speech." Come again? Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Shi'ites, calling "Death to Israel" and "Death to America," voice their support for a terrorist organization that hides behind human shields in Lebanon as it rains rockets down on cities in Israel, and the secretary of state praises freedom of speech in Iraq? It's enough to make a happy face weep. But Miss Rice John Kerry Hawkins beams on, diplomatically speaking, Pollyanna on the Potomac.
A more realistic approach would wipe the smile off anyone's assessment. But our foreign policy is increasingly driven by a sanguine un-reality. Oh, for an administration official who could respond to this intractable situation with an unabashedly unpleasant analysis.
"Yes, Tim," my dream secretary of state would say. "What you see in these pro-Hezbollah protests is the unfettered expression of the people of the Republic of Iraq. I wish I could say this was limited to a vocal minority, but we're seeing this same sentiment expressed across sectarian lines, in the now-free press, even in back channel communications. Why, Iraq's parliament came together unanimously — a democratic first — to condemn Israel, never mentioning Hezbollah. And why should it? Iraqi officials have refused to condemn the Iranian proxy as a terrorist group."
That might leave the host speechless — but just momentarily before he'd ask: "So what are we doing there?"
"Well, Tim,"she would respond, "the president is currently working on a major address — the most important address of his second term, I would imagine — to prepare the American people for entry into what we like to think of as the post-PC world. What I mean by that is, American efforts to extend the pacifying, enriching and ennobling benefits of democratic liberty to the Muslim Middle East have bumped up against our own erroneous teachings of political correctness.
"For generations now, Americans have been taught that all peoples are the same, all cultures are the same, all religions are the same — hard-wired to live by the same self-evident truths. Our experience in Iraq, our experience with Islam, if you will, tells us, in fact, that we are not all the same. We do not all want the same things out of governments, our cultures or our religions. This is something our experience in Iraq has finally taught us. There are vast differences between Islam and the West, differences that are not the mission of the United States military, or in the interest of the United States to bridge."
My dream secretary would continue: "Whether posterity judges us kindly and calls ours a noble experiment in Iraq, Tim, the bottom line here and now is that we're not getting results. I mean, how do you expect to fight a war on terror for, or alongside, terrorist sympathizers? It can't be done. And the war on terror is the president's primary concern. As a result, you will see the mission of American troops changing as they leave the streets of Iraq's cities to be redeployed to strongholds in Kurdistan — and beyond."
"Let's just say we'll be talking much more about Iran and Syria in the coming weeks, and their roles in sponsoring terrorism and nuclear blackmail." Poof.
Alas, Coleridge-like, I find my vision of chat-show Xanadu has gone black. On the real-life program, Miss Rice John Kerry Hawkins went on to offer a typically reality-challenged solution for Lebanon: Her His idea — the U.S. idea — is "to flow the authority of the Lebanese government and Lebanese forces with the help of international forces" into Hezbollah-controlled areas. Just keep smiling, and never mind that all too much of the Lebanese government, the Lebanese forces, not to mention the Lebanese people are rootin'-tootin' Hezbollah boosters.
But wait, what's that voice in my head? "Given the Free World's stake in the destruction of Hezbollah's terrorist forces," my dream secretary is saying, "the president will be calling on our friends in the international community to offer Israel our shared gratitude and unified support for taking on this common enemy."
Poof again.

SO WHEN ARE WE GOING TO START IGNORING LIBERALS LIKE JOHN KERRY HAWKINS when they say ''nation building, that's how we'll win'' and start saying ''ENEMY DEFEATING, THAT is how TO ACTUALLY BEGIN to fight against our enemies''...
On a chat room I visit regularly, I tossed out as a general comment ''When a muslim attempts (or is succsessful) in getting an explosive device on board an airliner hidden in a ''body cavity''...''
I posted that to see if anyone would comment on it. No one bit.
A potent bomb and remote-activated detonator could be made small enough to be inserted into the human body. We all know what will come next don't we?
What cops and corrections officers call ''body cavity searchs'' before air travel.
That's right, Grandma is going to have to be humiliated in the name of ''security''. And of course, mr. abdul mohammed and his wife aiesha mohammed won't have to go through this treatment. No, No, No, of course not.
Something I saw on Malkin's blog that absolutely floored me: What's wrong with this picture?

Calm down, she's not in any harm, NOT missing. Her mother was seeking a passort for her.
The British Passport Office rejected her application because (insert haughty British accent here) "that the exposed skin might be considered offensive in a muslim country."
Now let me get this straight, we've sent 130,000+ of our best and brightest to a muslim country ''to bring freedom'' to a people that don't want and openly reject freedom, and use elections to vote in their favorite muslim thugs but meanwhile WE have to give up our freedoms and dignity to ''avoid offending muslims''.
What is a better use of 130,000+ troops:
Trying to do the impossible overseas (to ''westernize'' a muslim country)
Or using them to pick up HAMAS/CAIR and clean out Dearborn MI and send those muslims back to their muslim hell-holes where they belong?
You tell me which use of our Military PROTECTS AMERICA and which use of our Military squanders finite resources INSTEAD OF PROTECTING AMERICA.
Face it folks, with or without our involvement, Iraq is going to turn into ''sunnistan'', ''shi'itestan'' and ''kurdistan''. It WILL be bloody but that is NOT our problem.
OUR problem is clinging TO THE PIPE DREAM that somehow, somehow, that if we ''just stay the course'' (just like the captain of the Titantic) we can somehow, somehow, create a unified, ''westernized'', muslim country called Iraq. If that is how ''victory'' is defined then 130,000+ OF OUR GREAT-GRANDCHILDERN will still be trying to create a unified, ''westernized'' muslim country called Iraq DECADES from now.
Did we achive victory in Iraq? YES, when president bush was standing under that ''Mission Accomplished'' banner the mission WAS accomplished. Then LIBERALS TACKED ON A ''transform Iraq'' mission THAT CANNOT BE accomplished. EVER. EVER.
I can here it now; (in whining voice) ''But what if Iraq turns into a threat to us again''?
Another application of ''Shock and Awe'', but done correctly, NO FANTASIES of ''liberating their people'' or ''rebuilding their country'' should take care of THAT problem.
''The purpose of the Military is not to be an international meals-on-wheels, the purpose of the Military is to kill people and break things''. The Military IS THE WAR CORPS, NOT THE PEACE CORPS!!!
The correct use of our Military is GO IN, HIT HARD, HIT FAST, AND LEAVE. Rinse and repeat as nessessary.
The incorrect use of our Military is go in, fight a (as Paul Harvey dubbed it) ''a pulled-punches war'' trying ''to win the hearts and minds of their people'' and ''rebuild their country''.
What we have been doing in Iraq since ''Mission Accomplished'' IS A UN-style ''peace-keeping'' operation!!! Does THAT sound ''conservitive'' to you?
If you want to ''support the troops'' then make it CLEAR that you DON'T support UN-style ''peace-keeping'' operations!!!
BTW, we need to replace 130,000+ of our finest with cindy sheehan. Let her and her fellow so-called ''peace activists'' create ''Iraq the Model''. Either they will get a lesson in harsh reality or they will be killed. I don't see a downside to that...
From time to time I've involved myself in the debate ''Is Ann Coulter a good representive of conservitivism today?''. Lawrence Auster has said ''No, not at all''. Rick Darby's opinion was ''Lawrence, you are reading too much into the cover shot for Godless''.
Initially, I sided with Darby on this. But then I came across a video clip of Coulter that supports Mr. Auster's opinion of her.
I had let the matter go until now. I am a fan of what is known in America as Anime (a.k.a. ''Japanimation''). Like any art form, some of it is excellent, but most of it is garbage. Among fans of this genre of artwork there is a lexicon of terms. The one I will introduce here is ''Fan Service''.
The best explanation of that term for non-fans of Anime is the TV show ''Dukes of Hazzard'':
Think of ''Daisy Duke'': What was the point of most of her appearances on the show? To help tell the story in a particular episode? No, usually not;

The point of most of her appearances is quite obvious. Fans of Anime refer to this as ''Fan Service''.
Which brings me to Ann Coulter, even Auster admits her writing is decent even if the public image of her often is not (in fact, it can be downright ugly at times).
What Ann Coulter is doing in her media appearances to promote her book is tried and true 'cheesecake' . In my opinion the easiest way to NOT be thought of as ''just a blond bimbo'' is to stop presenting yourself as if you are one.
Coulter has chosen to build herself up as ''the smart bimbo''. She knows she has a fan base that likes her primarily for her looks and she mistakenly thinks that those who think of her as ''a conservitive pinup girl'' will take what she writes seriously. In other words, what she does is ''Fan Service''.
In radio interveiws she portrays herself as serious. In photo shoots/TV appearances she portrays herself as a model. Not only is that unessessary, it undermines whatever serious message she has. A good example of that can be seen here...
''Our forces will remain in Iraq as long as the Iraqis want us there''; President Bush.

The caption reads:
Ripping an American flag, thousands of Iraqi Shiites gather in a mass demonstration against Israel's bombing of Lebanon, Friday, Aug. 4, 2006, in the Sadr City area of Baghdad, Iraq. Over 200,000 Shiites filled the streets of the Shiite dominated Sadr City slum to attend a rally in support of Lebanon after Friday prayers. (AP Photo / Hadi Mizban)
''We are winning their hearts and minds''. Uh, I don't think so. I think ''the iraqi people'' have made their opinion QUITE CLEAR!!!
Where did this pic come from? This news article: Iraqi Shiites Chant 'Death to Israel'.
The first paragraph says it all:
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Hundreds of thousands of Shiites chanting "Death to Israel" and "Death to America" marched through the streets of Baghdad's biggest Shiite district Friday in a show of support for Hezbollah militants battling Israeli troops in Lebanon.
It's time to admit it; our ''mission in Iraq'' IS FINISHED. IT'S OVER. WE ARE DONE.
From Jihad Watch:
"When my children ask me why their dad is over in Iraq and he can't be here with us. I want to give them an educated honest answer. I have found that history is the most logical answer and the only truth I can find on this subject. Then I ran out of answers and all I could say was 'I don't know anymore.' I believed all the propaganda. But I figured that I would set forth the effort to get to know the Jihad and the Koran to have some logic as to where these radical people where coming from. To tell you the truth I was hoping to find that I was wrong and being some what of a bigot." -- a query by an army wife, at Jihad Watch
OK folks, what do we tell this lady? The only answer remaining is: ''Your husband is in Iraq because President Bush will not order Donald Rumsfield to bring him home''.
Back to the most important quote:
THE PRESIDENT: My fellow citizens, at this hour, American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger.
Disarming Iraq? We have accomplished that to the best of our ability.
Freeing it's people? From the dictatorship of saddam hussein is something we can (and did) accomplish. But from the dictatorship of islam? That is impossible.
Defending the world from grave danger? Only the looniest of the right can claim that Iraq NOW presents to the world ''grave danger''.
The quote from Jihad Watch is part of a larger article entitled:
Fitzgerald: Why are we in Iraq?
Why ARE we still there? We CAN'T make ''Iraq the model'', we were foolish to think we could.
It's humilitating to admit ''we got scammed''. But I'll say it: WE GOT SCAMMED.
What was the scam? The idea that by removing the dictatorship of saddam hussein, Iraq was ready, willing AND ABLE to ''westernize'': We actually belived that by removing the dictatorship of saddam hussein Iraq would join ''our world''. WE ACTUALLY THOUGHT we could ''heal'' Iraq.
It is time to face reality; No matter what we do, we CANNOT ''cure'' Iraq, or 'crime'.
IT IS LIBERALISM that says ''But We can do it!!! We just have to TRY harder!!!''.
We USED to think child molesters can be somehow ''cured of their problem''. We now know that there IS NO ''cure'' for them.
We now understand that childern MUST BE PROTECTED from child molesters.
That is how we now must deal with Iraq as well. Give up THE LIBERAL IDEA that we can ''cure'' Iraq of islam, and deal with reality.
135,000+ Americans in Iraq? WHY? The whole point of having a Military IS TO DEFEND US from our enemies. This is not happening right now. Also from Jihad Watch:"I'm a Muslim American, I'm angry with Israel.".
There is NO SUCH THING as ''a muslim american''. If we keep playing ''Lets Pretend'' that such things as the tooth fairy, leprechuans, ''muslim-americans'' and unicorns ACTUALLY EXSIST, America has lost this war...

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